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Green Totes and Water Bottles

Fox 5 Atlanta - Keri helps you and your kids get back to school - the green way!



Fox 5 Atlanta - Keri has ideas to shake off the winter blahs and cabin fever of the winter months -- entertain and challenge your kids in a new green way!


Keri shows just how easy it is to reuse paper for the kids' art projects.




Fox 5 Atlanta - Keri shows why you should encourage your kids to prepare their own waste-free lunches



Children can waste a lot of unnecessary water in a day. Keri gives tips on how to teach your kids to conserve.




Every kid loves toys, but Keri says that some toys are more eco-friendly than others.




Kids can get restless on a rainy day, so Keri has some options to keep them entertained while learning about the environment.




Follow Keri Greenwald as she teaches us about how we can do more for the environment as parents.




Keri shows how to make school lunches with little or no waste.




There's often a lot of clean-up after kids' sports games. See how Keri cuts out most of the mess.




Mother Nature Network: GREEN PARENTING: Smart shopping

How can stop your plastic bag collection from getting any bigger? Keri has the answer!




What activities can your kids do outside? Keri tells us how to get kids interested in nature at a young age




Keri gives tips on how to get your kids involved and excited about recycling.




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