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Green Totes and Water Bottles

Green Tips

      Call your waste management team and get an organics/composting trash receptacle in addition to your regular pick up.
      Nicole Schachtman, Minnetonka, MN, 3 boys.

    Green Spring Cleaning
    Since this is Earth Month, and it happens to be spring, why not combine the two by doing your spring cleaning the green way? You can now buy good green cleaning products everywhere and they won't contain the harsh chemicals and fumes of traditional cleaning products.
    Leah Harary, Englewood, NJ, mother of 2 girls.

    As a Mommy, I buy the majority of items that come into our house for my family. Most of this shopping is unavoidable so what can I do to be a little bit greener?
    Answer: Recycle! I have THREE large plastic bins that my waste/recycling company picks up for me (I have bought all three) each week and they are always overflowing.
    We recycle plastic (food containers, toy wrappers, detergent, tennis ball cans), paper (newspaper, junk mail, catalogs, computer paper, cereal boxes, etc.), glass (food containers ) and aluminum (soda cans).
    If you cannot get curbside pick-up for your neighborhood, Google recycling and your county to locate a convenient drop site near you.
    From Keri Greenwald, Atlanta, Georgia, 1 boy, 1 girl.

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