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Green Totes and Water Bottles

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“If I could just make other Mommies aware…”

Here’s my story about why I started Responsible Mommy™

My Happy KidsAfter having my second child in 2006, I started becoming upset at myself for collecting an average of 30 plastic bags per week from the grocery store, Target, Old Navy, Borders, etc. Once the bags were at my home, they collected in an overflowing drawer or were sent to the landfill -- where they do not decompose.

Months later, after buying and testing over 50 reusable bags and still not finding one that worked great for Mommies, I knew an opportunity existed to make a huge positive environmental impact so I designed and launched the Responsible Mommy™ Tote.

When I founded this company three years ago, the goal was to help mommies make a difference in their everyday lives. At the time there were not many wonderful green product choices on the market and Responsible Mommy™helped fill that void by selling impactful products like our reusable totes, water bottles and lunch boxes.

Clearly, today, the marketplace is very different with green products being sold everywhere. I am proud that we played our part in this market change by feeding a growing demand and educating Responsible Mommies around the country.

Responsible Mommy™ is committed to the core mission of helping mommies to be a little more green in their everyday lives.

My goal for Responsible Mommy™ is to encourage other Mommies to make a positive environmental impact in their everyday lives. The influence we have as a group is tremendous. Keri Greenwald

Please make the educated choice to be a Responsible Mommy™.      

Keri Greenwald

Founder, and mother of two children, ages 5 & 3.


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